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Very Profitable

IT Service Business


This reputable Managed Service Provider offers solutions for cybersecurity, connectivity, the cloud, hardware, and general IT consulting. Approximately 75% of revenue comes from recurring revenue. The experienced staff provides smart solutions to businesses that can help drive growth and create a link between complex IT solutions, business systems, and the employees that use them. The MSP industry is ever-changing and growing rapidly. The future is solid, especially with the increased need for effective cybersecurity solutions. We feel this would be an excellent acquisition candidate for an existing Colorado MSP looking to expand, or for an industry buyer looking to set up operations in the Rocky Mountain region.

Sale Price:


Exit360 mill.png

Custom Door Manufacturer

This profitable  Southwestern-based business has grown steadily since its inception in 1987.  The company offers custom-built doors and millwork to high-end residential and commercial builders and is a regional distributor for four manufactured product lines.  They have showcase products throughout the West including Aspen, Tahoe and Santa Fe.

Sales price includes over $400,000 in fixtures and equipment.  We believe it is an ideal acquisition candidate for a supplier in the building industry or a marketing-driven professional with construction experience.  The facility is available for purchase in a separate transaction for $1,080,000.

Sale Price:


Exit360 Shooting Range.jpg

This well-established shooting range generates over $1 million annually in adjusted EBITDA.  The membership business model guarantees steady monthly income, even during COVID.  It has a highly trained staff who provide excellent customer service and training to many different types of firearm enthusiasts.  The owner only works about five hours/week in the business, so this is your opportunity to take aim at a long-term business and real estate acquisition that is rewarding and profitable!

Sale Price:

$3,200,000 for the business

$3,000,000 for the real estate


Very Profitable

E-Commerce Business

This profitable e-commerce textile business has grown exponentially since its inception in 2014. Revenues and profits are on-track to double in 2020 based on diversification into new products and market segments. Global supply chain with 22 vendors in four customer verticals provides for great product and customer diversity. Virtual business model with no physical inventory. Great reviews and repeat business. Two owners spend less than 40 hours/week combined on this business and are ready to pursue other business interests. We believe this business would be an ideal acquisition candidate for an experienced e-commerce entrepreneur, an industry buyer, or a financial buyer.

Sale Price:


Exit360 Food Manufacturing.jpg

Very Profitable Food

Manufacturing Business

This specialty food manufacturing business was established more than 65 years ago. It produces several different products which are distributed heavily throughout the Rocky Mountain region as well as the Western US. Most of its revenue comes from wholesale business and has well-established accounts with national grocery chains.  The company also utilizes its own eCommerce website as well as to distribute products to consumers.  The business is poised for growth by expanding the supply chain beyond the Rocky Mountain Region. We believe this would be an ideal acquisition for an established food manufacturing business that would like to expand its current product line or a marketing-oriented entrepreneur who would like to take the business to the next level.

Sale Price: