Selling Your Business with Exit360

Selling a business has a lot of moving parts. An experienced Broker like Exit360:
  • Maintains confidentiality with your employees, clients, vendors and competition. 

  • Allows the business owner to keep focus on running their business – reducing the risk of revenue erosion during the sale process.

  • Screens and sources only qualified buyers.

There are a lot of ways to value a business.

Exit360 offers a confidential no-cost, no-obligation Range of Market Value for your business. Our Business Tune-up™ and High Impact Marketing™ programs will help you maximize your pool of potential buyers to get the sales price you deserve.

The Exit360 System



Start Up

Personal interview and review the basics of your business. Prepare a Range of Market Value based on our 5-step process. 


Tune Up

Complete Engagement Agreement. Review our Business Tune-up™ in order to maximize your value.



Prepare sales presentation package including asking price. Begin gathering Due Diligence documents.


Hit the Gas

High Impact Marketing Program™ 30-day intense intro of the business to our buyer database, industry leaders and general market outlets.


Pick a Buyer

Screen and qualify candidates based on financial capability, industry and overall management experience and chemistry. Review all offers and select best option.

Navigate the Turns


Navigate due diligence process with buyer and seller. Minimize any disruptions.


Kick up your feet, grab a cold one and a good book!

Home Stretch

Contracts and closing. We will coordinate the closing with your legal and financial counsel.